York, ON

Hutten’s Hen Haven

One of the largest pullet breeders in Ontario builds new state-of-the-art pullet breeder barn.

Hen Coop


A relationship going back over 20 years.

With pullet barns throughout Southern Ontario, Hutten’s Hen Haven specializes in breeding and fertilizing eggs for hatcheries throughout the province.

Hutten’s has partnered with Cornell Feenstra frequently since the late 90s, with our company providing all manner of electrical contracting services at barns in Cayuga, York, Jarvis, Beamsville and West Lincoln.


Goals & Objectives

Retrofitting an existing barn.

This particular project involved a new electrical service and control system, complete with a standby generator and wiring for the entire site.

Of particular note is the scope of the wiring — all lighting, controls, automation and electrical loads were included.

Key Features


Meeting a tight deadline

All work was completed in a tight two-week timeframe so new pullets could be in the barn when scheduled.

Outdoor Generator

Standby generator

A commercial-grade standby generator was installed for the event of a power outage.


Complete wiring

The project included complete wiring and controls for the latest in barn automation.

Being a large-scale pullet and broiler breeder operation brings with it some unique challenges. In the poultry industry, there are non-negotiable deadlines to meet.

We have renovated barns, built new barns and tried to remain at the cutting edge of appropriate technology. Feenstra's have assisted us through the process of growth with knowledgeable staff that works to complete the necessary work before the critical date. 

The most recent new barn project has been able to have its first turnaround in production and efficiently produced a good quality product. All of the equipment installed worked well and we found very little concerns or reasons to call for corrections. 

Our company has benefited greatly by having a competent electrical company to support us through the years. For the last 23 years, we have indeed found that Cornell Feenstra Electric has met or exceeded all of our expectations and we continue to have a good working relationship with them.

Tim Hutten, Owner, Hutten's Hen Haven

Looking ahead

Continuing to work together.

As Hutten’s Hen Haven continues to provide some of the best pullets in the province, Cornell Feenstra looks forward to partnering with them once again.


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