Dunnville, ON

Rosa Flora Greenhouses

A decades-long partnership with one of the largest flower growers in Canada.

Rosa Flora's Greenhouse


Three decades of partnership.

In the sleepy town of Dunnville, ON lies Rosa Flora, a massive growing operation with over 1.9 million square feet of growing space and a 35,000 square-foot cooler.

Known for their cut flowers — primarily gerbera, along with anthurium, lilies, lisianthus, snapdragons and stephanotis — owner Ralph DeBoer has partnered with Cornell Feenstra Electric for countless projects spanning all the way back to 1992.

In 2014, a fire devastated 15 of the operation’s 40 acres. Fortunately, the business has fully recovered and new expansions have continued from 2015 onwards.

Rosa Flora's Greenhouse

Goals & Objectives

Innovative technology for an innovative grower.

Rosa Flora is constantly expanding and on the leading edge of sustainability and green technology. Alongside a wind turbine, biomass boiler and the reuse of rainwater, they’ve also invested in cogeneration units. 

These natural gas generators supply electrical power while capturing the heat produced and reusing that in the greenhouses. In 2015, along with new cogeneration units, their high-voltage infrastructure was revamped along with complete wiring of all new structures.

While the broad scope of this project was engineering, the rest was designed and built by the team at Cornell Feenstra. All work was completed during the spring and summer and finished by September to not interfere with the indoor growing season.

Key Features


High-voltage infrastructure

To power the existing greenhouses, the new greenhouse, as well as the cogeneration that was added.


Connection of 10.5MW of cogeneration

To power lighting while also providing heat for the greenhouses.


Complete wiring of the new addition

All lighting and electrical loads were wired in the greenhouses built from 2015 onwards.

Feenstra Electric has definitely met our objectives. Both our new as well as our existing electrical installations have been designed and built for the long haul. From concept to completion Feenstra Electric stands behind their work.

Rosa Flora and Feenstra Electric have worked together on dozens of large electrical installations over decades. With these projects, you are never really “done.” The project is completed and then it does its job. After that, there is monitoring, updating and preventative maintenance that needs to be done to keep this project succeeding. Together, we have made this happen year after year after year.

Ralph DeBoer, Owner, Rosa Flora
Rosa Flora's Greenhouse Drone View

Looking ahead

Growing a relationship.

As Rosa Flora continues to grow, so does the relationship between them and Cornell Feenstra. Current owner Ralph DeBoer and previous owner Otto Bulk have placed a lot of trust in our company and continue to do so today.

Their success is our success!


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